• “Some jams are meant to be exclaimed over particularly if they taste anything like Jamnation’s The Berry Last Straw… freighted with whole strawberries… the citrus lends bright, puckery dimension to the fruit making a jam that’s as lively as it is lovely.

    - Rebecca Marx, San Francisco Magazne

  • “Holy smokes! Just let me throw my face in a bowl of that [Sublemonal Message]!

    -Mary-Louise S, Milly Valley CA

  • “ Jamnation is like an artisanal cocktail for your toastThoughtfully curated combinations amp up your flavor IQ! I have to admit sometimes I even eat the jam straight out of the jar. It's such a treat to have honest to goodness ingredients that uniquely tasty.”

    -Alyssa T, Brooklyn, NY

  • "My wife put me on jam moratorium but your jam is worth getting in trouble for!"

    -Tim K, Berkeley, CA

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