A Crockwork Orange + Foggy Morning

A Crockwork Orange + Foggy Morning

Mom always know what’s best, and did not steer me wrong with A Crockwork Orange. The Cardamom adds a nice herbaceous and floral flavor to Seville orange followed by just enough sweetness to cut the bitter notes. Mom would give her seal of approval for A Crockwork Orange paired with Nicasio Valley Cheese Co. Foggy Morning. Foggy Morning is a delicate fresh cow’s milk cheese, so fresh you can almost taste the grass. When eaten together the jam takes the cheese to new heights, and the creamy cheese softens the edges of the jam. They play extra nicely together! Try this at your next brunch or tea time!

Looking for a slight variation on this pairing? Jamnation's Cheese Whiz recommends:

For a Fortissimo cheese you'll love Cow’s Milk Ricotta. Tell Me Why: Did your mom ever dress up your yogurt with fresh fruit to make it more appealing to your child sensibilities? A similar vibe comes from this combination, like grown-up snack time! Can you picture this jam on top of your ricotta pancakes? Wowzers!

For a Local Delight, try Cowgirl Creamery Fromage Blanc. This pairing will be for those who enjoy the OG but want a bit more kick. Cowgirl’s Fromage Blanc has that extra level of salt and tang, like the older sibling of your best friend, who knows the best music and has the coolest friends.

For an Advanced Variation try Meredith Dairy Marinated Goat Cheese. Talk about gathering up your herb garden! The goat cheese is super herbaceous and salty, with a hint of spice from the peppercorns…add jam, and you’ve got a robust palate cleanser that will give you a boost of energy.