Berry Mature + Petit Munster

Berry Mature + Petit Munster

This is not your deli counter Munster. A washed rind cheese from eastern France, this little round features a delicate rind, delicate paste, and delicate creamy, meaty, and sweet grass flavors. When paired with the assertive flavors of Berry Mature, featuring bluetta blueberries and elderflower essence, I am transported to summer days in sweet meadows. The cheese gives extra depth to the forward jam flavors, and the jam brightens the cheese. In particular, the elderflower gets to take a very long bow at the finish thanks to the creaminess of Petit Munster

Looking for a slight variation on this pairing? Jamnation's Cheese Whiz recommends:

For a Fortissimo cheese you'll love Red Hawk. You can never go wrong with Red Hawk, and Berry Mature is ready to show you just that! The savory and salty washed rind cow’s milk is more than ready to be embraced by the blueberries and elderflower as they create a dreamy sensation to give you happy feelings. You’ve tried apple pie and cheddar cheese? Time for blueberry pie and Red Hawk!

For a Local Delight try Nicasio Square. Nicasio Square is a lightly washed rind from Nicasio Valley; the producers like to say that it’s reminiscent of a Taleggio and we agree! Your daydreaming of sitting in the Italian countryside with a cheese plate and fruit has come to life— and you didn’t even have to buy the plane fare. Enjoy with friends, family, or even as a solo treat. You deserve it!

For an Advanced Variation, Epoisses hits the mark. Tell Me Why: For those who like their washed rinds almost erotic, Epoisses is the cheese to beat. We find notes of vanilla and bourbon, smoked meats and hay; certainly not for the faint of heart. But this voluptuous cheese is just asking to be paired with Berry Mature- creating a racy combo that is just the ticket on a date that’s going really, really well.