Plum & Get It & Mt. Tam

Plum & Get It & Mt. Tam

Love at first slurp! When the wedge of Mt Tam is drizzled in Pluot and Honeysuckle flowers the best of both burst through. The Plum and Get it jumps on the dense cream of the Mt Tam Paste and a magic carpet ride is the result. Come on along!


Looking for a slight variation on this pairing? Jamnation's Cheese Whiz recommends:

For a Fortissimo Cheese, try St. Stephen.  From Four Fat Fowl in Upstate New York, is like Mt. Tam’s jovial cousin. Another triple creme, but one that steers more savory than sweet, it’s buttery beyond belief and more than willing to take on the sweet and tangy stonefruit. Like pouring thick cream over fresh fruit, this is a picnic, a tea party, a wedding proposal in the making!

For a Local Cheese, try Locarno Locarno is another local gem from West Marin, this time from Nicasio Valley Cheese. It’s going to be a softer cousin of Mt. Tam, one that will politely belly up to the table, saying please before and thank you after every serving. For those who prefer a clear and comforting combination, introduce Locarno to your Plum & Get It gathering…it’ll bring a sweet smile to everyone’s face!

For a Variation try Nancy’s Camembert. Camemberts are known for being more forward, less hesitant than other cheeses. Nancy’s Camembert is no exception and thus, perfect for those who are interested in a robust and gutsy flavor combo! The mineral notes on the palate, combined with a charming sheep’s milk earthiness, will swim right alongside the floral and juicy notes in the jam. Why not take these out on the town with a fine prosecco or a saison? It’s the season for eating well!