To Peach His Own & Petite Breakfast

To Peach His Own & Petite Breakfast

Harken back to ages past, when sailors roamed the Seven Seas for trade, adventure, and exploration...for such a mighty feat, you’d need proper sustenance. Marin French makes a cheese from such an age: Petite Breakfast is based on the breakfast cheese served to sailors at public houses before they set sail. Creamy and bright, it has a jolly and filling quality that brings a smile to any face. But to keep one’s self in fighting trim for the voyage ahead, don’t forget your Vitamin C and fruit! Any sailor will truly be joyous if they bring To Peach His Own to the same table; the peach and orange blossom only enhances that sense of adventure and well-being, and all your shipmates will be enchanted.


Looking for a slight variation on this pairing? Jamnation's Cheese Whiz recommends:

For a Fortissimo cheese try Screamer. Peaches and Cream, know what I mean? Screamer lives up to its name by providing cream on cream on cream, and why wouldn’t you want to peach it up? Tea time on a sunny day with your friends in town; doesn’t get better than this!

For a Local Cheese try Locarno. This is a true wunderkind of the California cheese scene. The La Franchi family worked tirelessly to make this creamy, tangy, sweet angel of a cheese, which only continues to delight as different ages make the rounds. It would be a dreamy time if Locarno met To Peach His Own; don’t you want to be the matchmaker?

For an Advanced Variation try Lincoln Log. Peaches and goat cheese have been classic pairing since time immemorial; something about the smooth sweet tang of both just drives the palate wild! Why not go for broke with Lincoln Log, a soft-ripened crumbly pal that is more than ready to make a friend? Try them on a pizza together and you’ll be recommending it for months.