Can You Fig It & Dream Weaver

Can You Fig It & Dream Weaver For a Fortissimo cheese Oma is going to knock it out of the park every time, and figs will only make it fly that much further. When you take a cheese that already tastes like a big juicy hunk of beef, Black Mission figs are bound to take the flavor profiles to new heights of savory and sweet. Like a Christmas feast that can take place any time of year, this spread will bring smiles to every face and joy to every stomach. Dig in! 

For a Local Delight you'll love Schloss. Schloss moves more towards the peanut butter side of the equation, and honestly, who doesn’t love a trail mix that is grounded in spicy, fruity, and salty handfuls? This may be put out as a snack for the kids at the party, but everyone’s going to be grabbing a bite. 

For an Advanced Variation on this pairing, try Cowgirl Creamery Fromage Blanc. A bit of a left turn, but for those who like to boost their figs with cream as we have above, you would be truly missing out if you overlooked this combo. Fromage Blanc is fresh and tangy, and sings with every kind of fruit you put in its sights. Figs and thyme will make quite the mix, and you could smother a piece of focaccia with this combo. Don’t forget a frosty glass of beer!