Razzle Bazzle + Kenne

Razzle Bazzle + Kenne

My favorite pairing for this jam without a doubt is Kenne – a lovely, pillowy, rich and lactic goat cheese from Tomales Farmstead Cheese. This pairing is not only sumptuous but also addictive: the creaminess and lemony tang from the cheese is brought to a new level with the bold flavors in the jam.


Looking for a slight variation on this pairing? Jamnation's Cheese Whiz recommends:

Beware, this is a Fortissimo cheese. Coupole is the dome of cheese that would be sitting at the top of the Vatican. It’s the most creamy, most flavorful, and most dramatically beautiful round you’re likely to see outside of a renaissance painting. Raspberries and basil will be comforted by this graceful and classy cheese, creating a centerpiece to last the ages.

Acapella is a great Local Cheese to pair with Razzle Bazzle. Soyoung Scanlan is well known for her precise and deceptively complex cheeses; Acapella, with its vegetable ash rind and kelp-y salinity, is no exception. Pair this crumbly and creamy, sweet and salty round with Razzle Bazzle, and you’ll have a meal fit for a mermaid, delighting the tastebuds as you gaze out on the waves.

For an Advanced Variation, Dreamweaver is one of the newest cheeses from Central Coast Creamery, and boy, is it a beauty! Washed rind goat cheese, commonly seen in Belgium, has now found a home in the US and this pudgy beefy, boozy baby has been dialed in to perfection. For a unique and confident combo, pair these two and watch the crowds go wild.