October is fairtrade month

October is fairtrade month

Do you know why we decided Fairtrade ingredients are so important for our jam?

While studying economics at the London School of Economics I learned about the sugar policies in the EU and US.  The US has agricultural subsidies that artificially lower the price of sugar by providing subsidies for domestic producers.  The US (and EU) don’t have the tropical climate required for growing sugar cane so instead American farmers primarily produce sugar from sugar beets — a resource intensive process that we rely on because of protectionist policies, not because it makes economic sense.  

Meanwhile in countries that have the natural climate to grow sugar, the US has imposed tariffs and quotas so the US farmers can sell their sugar from sugar beets (sugar beets are more expensive so the gov’t needs to help the farmers to sell it).  As a result, farmers in developing countries get less than their fair price.  What’s worse, because too much sugar from sugar beets is often produced from the subsidies, the US and EU dump it on the world market, deflating the world price and making it even less possible for these farmers to make a fair living with the resources their natural climate provides.

 When we buy Fairtrade, we choose to buy our sugar from environment that supports sugar cane growth.  By using certified Fairtrade products and having our own products held to these rigorous standards, you can be sure your purchase helps power positive economic forces in these communities from which we source.  The impact is seen in the price difference we pay for sugar and helps support healthcare, education and environmental protections for workers in these countries.

Now that’s pretty delicious.  And that’s why we call our jam “damn good jam” - it not only tastes good but it helps do good.