The Berry Last Straw + Paska Sirana

The Berry Last Straw + Paska Sirana

I took an unusual turn while pairing it with a hard Sheep’s and Cow’s milk cheese from Pag Island in Croatia. Warm, inviting flavors round of the brininess and rusticity in this cheese. Not for the faint hearted.


Looking for a slight variation on this pairing? Jamnation's Cheese Whiz recommends:

If you want a Fortissimo cheese try Fiore Sardo. Fiore Sardo is a beautiful Italian cheese that ranges in flavor; sometimes, you’re feasting on a chunk of buttery pasta kissed with sea salt, other times, you’re enjoying the best glass of champagne you’ve ever had. Either way, it’s a winner, and would be so lucky to take it to the limit with strawberries and key lime zippiness. Insatiable flavors coming your way!

For a Local Delight you’ll have to have Blackstone cheese. Bellwether Farms has been a strong example of California sheep cheese, and we are all the luckier for it! This cheese is a mix of cow and sheep, but that’s not all; the paste has black peppercorns studded throughout, and the rind is rubbed with ground pepper, rosemary, and vegetable ash. Not only do you have a very dramatic looking cheese, you have a spicy and unique flavor that gets even better with the addition of jam. Can we say dessert with a bold and robust glass of red wine?

For a Variation on this pairing, try Terschelling.  Goudas really do the trick for me, though there is nothing tricky about this cheese. Adorable and portable, this cute wheel is bursting with caramel-covered hazelnut flavors, with a hint of roast beef on the side. It’s so tasty and aesthetically appealing to begin with, you’ll just be over the moon when the jam comes into the picture. Appetizer before a girl’s night out?