To Peach His Own + Ledyard

To Peach His Own + Ledyard

I absolutely fell in love with this pairing with Ledyard, a soft-ripened sheep’s milk wrapped in grapes leaves macerated in wheat beer from Empire Brewing. Layers of sweet cream are greatly lifted by the umami in the peach jam while the orange blossom really picks up the flavors imparted by the leaves. A personal favorite.


Looking for a slight variation on this pairing? Jamnation's Cheese Whiz recommends:

For a Fortissimo cheese try St. Stephen. Triple-cremes are always a winner with jams; the acid and zip of the fruit cuts through that fat like a hot knife through butter. St. Stephen is a true winner from the East Coast creamery Four Fat Fowls; it’s like buttery sunshine on a plate. Peaches and orange essence and this luscious treat will be like hitting the high note in the final seconds of a gospel song.

For a Local Delight try Mt. Tam.  This is a great local cheese. Cowgirl Creamery is well known for many things, but perhaps most for this fan favorite. Mt. Tam, named after the outrageously gorgeous mountain in Marin, is always a delight, and depending on the age, can taste like sweet whipped cream (young) or a hearty handful of mushrooms (more aged). Either way, you’re working with a cheese that makes friends easily, especially with stone fruit. Go for it!

For a Variation on this pairing try Bent River Camembert.  Bent River Camembert may be better than any French camembert this former cheesemonger has tried; it’s so much like roasted buttered vegetables (aka cruciferous), that it’s almost a crime. I can’t recommend this cheese enough, and though it may not seem intuitive, it’s super swell with To Peach His Own. The tangy and rich blend sends you just around the river bend!