Variety pack

Variety pack

Our variety pack are jam-packed...with flavor!  Apricot Red-Handed (Blenheim apricot jam with almond), Razzle Bazzle (Josephine raspberry jam with basil), Plum and Get It (flavor king pluot jam with honeysuckle) Berry Last Straw (Seascape strawberry jam with key lime), Berry Mature (Bluetta blueberry jam with elderflower) and Midnight in Pearis (Bosc pear butter with vanilla and nutmeg).  

Each of our jams is carefully crafted using fruit from local, organic farms harvested at the peak of ripeness. We combine them with Fairtrade, organic sugar + spices to help farmers in developing countries so your gift not only tastes damn good, but also does good.

set contains six of our five/ten ounce jars.

I have had some of the best and most unique flavors I have ever had in my life with Jamnation!! I can't recommend them enough!!

– Josh M, London, England

Words cannot adequately describe the flavors of these jams! I tell everyone I can about your products and I even share a little taste occasionally. I must admit, for now I'm a little stingy with my treasures.”

– Lisa W, Mesa, AZ