Berry Mature

bluetta blueberry jam
with elderflower

Jar Size

Sweet, summer blueberries are imbued with the subtle yet unforgettable flavor of elderflower.

Our organic Bluetta berries come from a sustainable family farm near Plumas National Forest and have a small size and unique taste reminiscent of wild blueberries. Their balance of sweet and tangy makes a beautifully balanced jam with a texture chock-full of real fruit, high in antioxidants.

Our organic elderflowers come from Croatia. With notes of pear, lychee, and citrus, the fragrant flavor of elderflower is distinctive and takes the blueberries to another level. The complex, almost hauntingly sweet and floral combination in Berry Mature feels lushly fragrant on tongue.

From Vero Kherian of Miss Cheesemonger: "[Petit Muenster] gives extra depth to the forward [Berry Mature] flavors, and the jam brightens the cheese." at Berry Mature is also a key ingredient in our recipe for Striped Ice Cream Cake.

Ingredients: ingredients: organic blueberries, organic unrefined cane sugar, organic lemons, organic elderflower



“[Berry Mature] is amazing! I never have toast and jam for breakfast and this week I’ve had it every day (sometimes as an afternoon snack too!)”  

Michelle P, Dublin, CA

"Not your typical blueberry jam.  It's chock full of whole blueberries, not over sugary and reminds me of lychee (a personal favorite) -- I think from the elderflower."

— Gary Q, Los Angeles, CA