Midnight in Pearis

bosc pear butter with
vanilla + nutmeg

Luscious pear butter with warm notes of Madagascar vanilla, a layer of Sri Lankan nutmeg, and just a dash of cinnamon.

Early in the season, our bosc pears come from an organic, biodynamic, family farm near the Navarro River in Mendocino, where three generations work the land together. Later in the season, our pears come from a second organic and biodynamic farm in Oregon committed to sustainable land use. Deliciously crisp with a golden brown color, these pears give our butter the perfect texture — thick + chunky.

Our Fairtrade vanilla beans come directly from Madagascar and are organic certified. They are incredibly fresh and fragrant, adding a wonderful depth of flavor.

Both our nutmeg and cinnamon come from Sri Lanka. They are Fairtrade and organic certified.

Ingredients: organic bosc pears, organic unrefined cane sugar, organic lemon juice, organic vanilla beans, organic nutmeg, organic cinnamon


I fell in love with the complex flavors and texture of Midnight in Pearis. These are artisan jams at their best.”
Kimberly C, New Providence, NJ

“This [Midnight in Pearis] tastes like Christmas!”                                                 
Chris K, San Francisco, CA

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