Why Jamnation?

Why’s your jam “damn good?”

Our jam is intensively flavorful. Seriously. Read our Tastemonials to get a sense of the reactions we hear every time people taste them. (We left out the “Oh my God/Wow/Shut Up! This tastes like fresh fruit!” because there were too many.) It tastes damn good because of both the superior local ingredients we use and because of the way we cook our jam producing clean, bright flavors and rich textures. It’s also damn good because it supports local + global sustainability by using local, organic fruit with Fairtrade sugar + spices and sustainable packaging.

Why’s your jam so expensive?

First, since we don’t add pectin and use less sugar, each jar is jam-packed with more organic fruit. One 10 oz. jar of Midnight in Pearis has a full pound of organic bosc pears in it and it takes 1.5 lbs. to make it (think no cores or peels). A 10 oz. jar of The Berry Last Straw takes 14 oz. of organic strawberries. We also use time-intensive processes to create better textures – you can see it in the beautiful, spreadable chunks of fruit. Secondly, we use Fairtrade sugar + spices and eco-friendly packaging which are a little more expensive, but you know that your purchase is doing some damn good work. A portion of our proceeds from every jar goes to Fairtrade America (our national arm of Fairtrade International ).

Product Questions

How long is my jam good for unopened?

The jam is best 2 years from when it was made but you’re completely safe to eat it after. We’ve hot-jarred them so they’re vacuum-sealed, which means no bacteria can grow in the jars (so dig in!). There’s no need to store them in the fridge until you open them.

How long will my jam last once I open it?

Once opened, your jam is good for several months. The best way to extend the life of your jam is to take what you need from your jar and then put it back in the fridge. Keeping the jar out at room temperature will encourage spoilage (and we don’t want that!).

Since you don’t add pectin, will the jam spoil more quickly?

No – pectin is naturally occurring in fruit and is activated by heat. There’s no need to add pectin, it’s just a thickener. Sugar is actually the natural preservative in jam. We have to work a little harder to make jams without added pectin – to coax it out naturally from the fruit – but we think it’s worth it for the intensity of flavor.

I can’t open my jar – what should I do?

Pour a couple inches of water in a small pot, place it on the stove and turn the heat to high. Turn off the heat when it reaches a boil. Submerge your jar upside down just past the lid for 3 minutes. Remove it, dry it, and twist off the lid with a towel or dishwashing gloves to get some traction and prevent burns.


What kind of sugar or sweetener do you use?

We use Fairtrade, organic, unrefined cane sugar from Paraguay. Down the line we’d love to explore supporting other countries and communities. Read more about our work with sustainability here .

How local is your fruit?

Our fruit is from within 200 miles with the exception of our Meyer Lemons. They are about 400 miles. We would like them to be more local but we found the most amazing grove and we think the flavor quality is worth traveling a little farther for.

Is your jam gluten-free and vegan?

Our jam is vegan and gluten-free but it’s not made in a gluten-free facility. We work in a shared facility but we use all our own equipment, which has not touched gluten.

Shipping + Order

When will my order arrive?

We ship out orders within two days of when they are placed (in a very few instances 3-4 days in the holiday rush). Shipping takes 1-5 days based on your location and order size. You can track your jams’ journey in your email shipping confirmation. We’re as excited as you for your jam to arrive!

I’m having a jam EMERGENCY and need my order ASAP!

If you need your jam faster, please email us at support@jamnationjams.com with your name and order number and we’ll make sure to get your order out lickety split.

My jam arrived damaged – what should I do?

We want all our jams to have good homes and are so sorry it got broken on its way to you. Please email us at support@jamnationjams.com and we’ll send you a replacement. If you can, take a photo of the broken jar and send it to us – we’d really appreciate it.

My order arrived with the wrong items, HELP!

Eek - we’re so sorry about this blunder! Fear not – we’ll make it right. Just email us at support@jamnationjams.com and we’ll make sure you get the jams you ordered. We take customer service seriously.

I made a mistake with my shipping address/setting up my account, what do I do?

Just email us at support@jamnationjams.com and we’ll fix it for you. If it was an order, please include the name, order number, and the address where you would like your order shipped.