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“Some jams are meant to be exclaimed over particularly if they taste anything like Jamnation’s The Berry Last Straw… freighted with whole strawberries…the citrus lends bright, puckery dimension to the fruit making a jam that’s as lively as it is lovely.

Rebecca Marx, San Francisco Magazine       

Jamnation is not just about being good. It’s also about being pretty darn delicious. Our favorite: The Berry Last Straw, a wonderfully sweet-and-sour combo of strawberries with Key limes and lemon.”

The Record

[Reynolds] sought specific varietals that converted into the most flavorful jams. Generic strawberries and nectarines wouldn’t do. It had to be Seascape strawberries and Arctic Star nectarines. ‘I tasted 15 (varietals of) peaches,’ says Reynolds.”

-Alissa Merksamer, San Francisco Chronicle

“No longer just for toast, [Jamnation] jam is showing up on local cheese plates and in marinades, stir-frys and more. These crazy delicious jams come in punny flavors."

-Rachel Levin, Clean Plates

 “Flex that culinary muscle of yours by pairing your favorite cheese and crackers with one of these outrageously delicious small-batch jams from Jamnation. We love the infusion of fresh basil in this raspberry variety.”

-Danielle St. Pierre, BestProducts.com

“Holy smokes! Just let me throw my face in a bowl of that [Sublemonal Message]!

-Mary-Louise S, Mill Valley, CA


Words cannot adequately describe the flavors of these jams! I tell everyone I can about your products and I even share a little taste occasionally. I must admit, for now I'm a little stingy with my treasures.”

-Lisa W, Mesa, AZ

“These jams are stupid delicious.”

-Dominic F, San Francisco, CA

“The flavor combinations of Jamnation are so inventive, and yet so familiar, giving me the nostalgia of the jams my mother used to make when I was young. I love the attention to sourcing that goes into every jar making it both delicious and good for the world.”

-Christiana R, San Francisco, CA

I didn’t know jam could taste like this.

-Jason W, San Francisco, CA

Jamnation is like an artisanal cocktail for your toast. Thoughtfully curated combinations amp up your flavor IQ! I have to admit sometimes I even eat the jam straight out of the jar. It's such a treat to have honest to goodness ingredients that uniquely tasty.”

-Alyssa T, Brooklyn, NY


“Honestly, that's better than my grandmother's jam.”

– Hailey Z, Dublin, CA


“It's surprising what we expect jam to be: watery, gelatinous, and somewhat resembling fruit color. In contrast, every spoon of Jamnation is full of fruit with wonderful combinations of spices to highlight the natural flavors.”

-Steven M, Berkeley, CA


"My wife put me on jam moratorium but your jam is worth getting in trouble for!"

-Tim K, Berkeley CA

“Quite possibly the best jam on the planet!

-Teodora K, New York, NY


“I have bought and loved all of the Jamnation jams but Sublemonal Message is my favorite. I put a teaspoon of it in an evening cup of tea and bliss out on this ambrosial delight.”

-Marsha H, Los Angeles, CA

That makes me want to eat jam and I’m not a jam person.”          

–Alex K, San Francisco, CA


Wow, that is damn GREAT jam! And very aesthetic labels and packaging.”

-Ross O, Seattle WA

“I first fell in love with the complex flavors and texture of Midnight in Pearis. I gave the jams as gifts and they were a big hit! Love that the ingredients are fair trade and organic. These are artisan jams at their best.”

-Kimberly C, New Providence, NJ


“I've tasted jams and I've tasted jams and these are the best I've ever had.”    

–Joan F, Brentwood, CA

“It was my first day home from the hospital and I felt lousy, no appetite. I buttered my English muffin, put some Jamnation on it and WOW -- I ate the whole thing. It was the best, tastiest repast that I had for the last month. I thought, ‘ where did this wonderful jam come from?!

-Sylvia S, Tampa, FL

“Jamnation is a staple at my breakfast table. Every flavor is packed with delicious fruit and ingenious spice pairings! I've gifted them to friends and family and they always get rave reviews!"

-Kathy M, Ann Arbor, MI

“This [Midnight in Pearis] tastes like Christmas!”

-Chris K, San Francisco, CA

“They say you cannot judge a book by its cover. However, in this case Jamnation, products are every bit as delicious as their cleverly named flavors and beautiful packaging.

-Catherine G, New York, NY


“That jam (Apricot Up in the Moment) is like making out with a real live apricot!”

–Miyoshi N, Fremont, CA

“I love the unique and thoughtful flavor combinations in every jam. My favorite so far is The Berry Last Straw, which creates a perfect marriage of strawberry and key lime. I can’t wait to taste what Jamnation comes out with next.”

-Max J, San Francisco, CA

“These jams are so delicious and a wonderful combination of flavors. We like them so much we have sent them as gifts to our family and friends.”

-Martha & David M, Granite, CA

“Jamnation offers wonderfully engaging titles for folks who love to eat and love to play with words. The gifts I sent were thoroughly enjoyed.”

-Louise B, Boston MA


“You’re doing God’s work.” 

 –Theresa N, Los Angeles, CA


“Your products are so yummy! My favorite is mixing them in with Fage Greek yogurt! Makes a high protein meal with natural sugar and sweetness with your jam! So Yummy!!!!!

–Adrienne C, San Leandro, CA


“My mother in law loved your jam so much she called us when she got to the last spoonful… and she rarely ever calls.”                                                    

–Juliet G, Penn Valley, PA


"The jam was extraordinary. I loved it on toast so much that I finally eliminated the bread!"

Nancy E, Phoenix, AZ


"The jams have novel, delightful flavors. They spread easily and are not too sweet."

Greg M, Phoenix, AZ


"The best jams I've ever tasted… a sublime, unique taste and wonderful on toast, English muffins, and ice cream… They are a wonderful start or end to a day!  

Rita M, Phoenix, AZ


The unique and distinctive flavors are like none other. One of my favorite ways to eat the jams are on different cheeses. I would like to tell you which ones are my favorite but can't as they all are amazing.

Paula Q, Phoenix, AZ


“The jam is perfection in a jar. The amount of times my heart has sung its praises is innumerable, and I'm eagerly anticipating every bite ahead of me.”

Rose O, Napa, CA


I have had some of the best and most unique flavors I have ever had in my life with Jamnation!! I can't recommend them enough!!

Josh M, London, England


“I’ve never liked jam but oh my God that’s amazing!”  

– Telula R., Seattle WA


“Wow! This tastes like eating fresh peach cobbler!”                                           

–Josh W, Atlanta, GA


“The flavor explodes on your tongue!”                                                                         

–Christy M., Seattle WA


“[Berry Mature] is amazing! I never have toast and jam for breakfast and this week I’ve had it every day (sometimes as an afternoon snack too!)”                                 

–Michelle P, Dublin, CA   


"I was hooked after my first taste, these jams are nothing short of exquisite. Somehow the flavors manage to be simultaneously intense and subtle–Rose to the Grindstone balances fresh nectarine flavor with just a hint of rose essence coming through."

Anna V, Peterborough, NH


"From the pretty packaging, clever names, and insightful flavor combinations, Jamnation’s jam offerings are not just delicious—they are an experience. Our recent favorite is the pluot and honeysuckle pairing [Plum and Get It], which makes a humble piece of toast taste like a fairy tea party!"

Diana M. New York, NY